Work background and progress

Fire Alarm & Fire Door work

Since 2021 there has been ongoing Fire safety work on the estate. Camden have been replacing the existing front doors to our flats with certified fire doors designed to provide a 30 minute barrier to fire as part of welcome fire safety improvements on our estate. This work is being carried out by the Camden contractor Mulalley. They have an office in Flat 250, Holly Lodge Mansions where the Mulally Project Manager is Adrian Nind. They are also using space near the garages below Langbourne mansions to store materials for the duration of the project. All residents will should now have received information from Camden regarding this work and many will already have had their doors replaced.

The Camden project manager is Suket Patel and if you have any queries regarding specifics of the work please contact him via email,

Additionally Camden are installing communal fire alarm systems in all of the blocks: Every flat (Tenants & Leaseholders) receives a detector installed in their flat near the front door, which is linked to the building wide fire-alarm system. Additional to that, Tenants (only) receive additional smoke, heat & carbon monoxide detectors around their flats. In some flats there are battery powered only, but in others they are mains powered, but contain battery backup.

A summary of the initial meeting in 2019 describing this work is available on this link

Communal Fire Alarm system – Faults & repairs:

For any issues with the communal fire alarm system, (Tenants, Leaseholders & Leasehold Sublets)  contact Camden repairs on 020 7974 4444 (option 3 followed by option 1)


As of January 2022, Camden report that the work is about 60%-70% complete.

If you are aware of any issues and if you feel your concerns are not being addressed by Camden Council, please get in touch with us at the TRA via email,