Waste and recycling

There are different kinds of bins to put your rubbish in – one for recycling; one for general waste; and one for food waste.


You can collect certain kinds of food waste in caddies supplied by Camden. These use biodegradable liners which you can also get from Camden. Please note you cannot use any plastic bag instead.

You can order a food caddy or caddy liners from Camden Council.

Here are the things you can put in your food caddy:

• Fruit and vegetables
• Meat and fish
• Tea bags and coffee grounds
• Bread and pastries
• Dairy products
• Rice, pasta and beans
• Eggs and eggshells
• Cooked and leftover food

And here’s what you can’t put in:
• Cooking oil
• Food packaging
• Carcasses of whole chickens or turkeys
• Animal waste
• Nappies
• Garden waste
• Any other non-food waste