The maintenance of  Holly Lodge Estate grounds and gardens is shared between the Estate Management Committee and the London Borough of Camden.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGardeners employed by the Holly Lodge Estate Committee (HLEC) look after all the verges and the gardens at the top of the estate. Contractors employed by Camden maintain all the grounds and gardens on the eastern side of the estate, from the wild area behind Makepeace Mansions through the gardens between the flats to the garages behind Langbourne Mansions, with the exception of a few areas which are maintained by residents.


Kat Wojnar is the main gardener for the Estate.


If you’ve got any concerns or questions about the gardens, please contact:

For those areas looked after by Camden – Jevaughn Bailey.

And for the area managed by HLEC, you can contact the Estate Manager, Barbara Wheatley.

If you want to get more involved in gardening on the Estate, you can join the Gardening Club which meets by the pond in the garden between Holly Lodge Mansions and Makepeace Mansions at 11.30am every Saturday.