Car parking and gate access

Gate Access
Parking Rules
Getting a Parking Permit
Parking Charges


Gate access

The gate at the top of Hillway is closed from 8pm at night to 11am in the morning. They may also be closed during the daytime on very busy weekends especially in summer.

To leave the Estate you just drive up to the barrier, stop and the barrier will automatically lift.

However, if you want to enter the estate through that barrier when it is closed, you will need to either drive into the estate from the entrance at the bottom of the hill in Swains Lane or buy a remote fob for £50 from the Estate Manager, Barbara Wheatley.

Parking rules

You can find all the information about Parking Rules on the Holly Lodge Estate website. Please have a read. Here are the main points …

  • All cars parked on the Estate need to be licensed (not SORN), taxed and insured and in constant use.
  • Vehicles should be parked as reasonably close to their property as possible so as not to inconvenience other residents
  • Vehicles must not park on yellow or white lines or on hatched areas
  • Vehicles must not park so that they obstruct others
  • Tradespeople can only park Monday to Friday between 08.00 to 18.00 and Saturday 09.00 to 13.00 and not on Bank Holidays
  • You can park for a short time (but not exceeding three hours) at the bottom of the hill by Tesco.

Getting a parking permit

If you are a resident you must have a parking permit displayed on your windscreen at all times.

You can get one by filling in a form which you can download from the HLE website here.

You then need to send this form to the Estate Manager Barbara Wheatley on or drop it into the Holly Lodge Estate Committee Office, Holly Lodge Estate Yard, which is opposite 8 Holly Lodge Gardens at the top of Hillway.

If you are waiting for a parking permit you must put a note on your dashboard which is clearly visible through the windscreen (ideally about A4 size).

If you have visitor or tradesperson parking on the estate, even for a short time, they also need to have a note in the windscreen.

The HLE website gives further information on what you need to display in your window, and all blocks have an information sheet in the entrance hall.

If your guest is staying for longer than two weeks, please contact the Estate Manager to apply for a temporary permit.

Parking charges

If you don’t have a permit or notice displayed in your car you will be issued with a parking charge (PCN) by MET Parking Services, who are the contracted company by the estate.

If you think you, or one of your guests, has been wrongly fined for not displaying a permit, please contact the Estate Manager, Barbara Wheatley in the first instance and explain what has happened.

Details of the potential charges and how to contact MET Parking Services directly are available here.

Please make sure that you use a large piece of paper and thick pens so that the required information is clearly seen in your or your visitors windscreens.