Useful contacts

Your local housing officers

Our Neighbourhood Housing Officer for flats on Langbourne and Makepeace Avenues is

Our Neighbourhood Housing Officer for flats on Oakeshott Avenue is

Reporting criminal activity


Caretaking and cleaning

The Estate Supervisor is Debbie Marno who can be contacted at Tel: 020 7974 8056.

The Estate Services Manager is responsible for all the estates in Camden and is Chris Slater.

You can also find out more about Caretaking and Cleaning.


If you notice a non-emergency repair is necessary in your communal areas you can report a housing repair online.

If you notice an emergency repair is necessary you need to call directly 020 7974 4444 (option 3 followed by option 1 and select the local repairs district).

We have provided some more information on repairs.

Parking permits

To apply for a parking permit, and to query any charge issued to you or your guests by MET Parking Services which you do not think is appropriate, you can contact the Estate Manager, Barbara Wheatley.

Please look at car parking and gate access for more information.

Reporting criminal activity

If you are worried about any suspicious or criminal activity on the Estate you can contact:

The Community Safety Officer – (also please copy in case Terry is out)

And the Safer Neighbourhood police team at

There is also a Highgate Safer Neighbourhood Panel at