Other Holly Lodge committees

Holly Lodge has other committees which represent different interests and responsibilities on the estate:

The Holly Lodge Estate Committee (HLEC) represents the Plot Owners, in other words the freeholders of the houses. This Committee manages the common parts of the Estate which include maintenance of the communal parks, grass verges, flower beds, road surfaces, paths, steps, and gates. London Borough of Camden is responsible for the mansion blocks, the community centre and the plots in which they stand including the gardens, and play centre.

The HLE Committee host the Holly Lodge Estate website www.hle.org.uk which contains much useful information for all residents on the estate. The site also includes further information about the Committee and the minutes of their meetings. HLEC also produce a newsletter which has useful and important information for everyone living on the Estate. You can find the newsletter on http://www.hle.org.uk, a copy on the block noticeboard, or, if you have a parking permit, will receive a copy by email. If you don’t have a car, and want to receive the newsletter, please contact the Estate Manager, Barbara Wheatley.

The Holly Lodge Leaseholders Association (HLLA) represents the views and concerns of leaseholders on the Estate to Camden Council. HLLA works closely with the HLRA.

HLLA is particularly concerned that leaseholders are paying for and receiving value for money. It has a track record of effectively reducing Camden’s service and major works charges for individual leaseholders. For example, HLLA most recently changed the way that the internal works programme for the mansion blocks was delivered to both lower costs and raise standards.

If you want to become a member of the HLLA please contact: Joanna Newman

The Holly Lodge Management Committee is made up of volunteers who oversee the management of Holly Lodge Community Centre, 30 Makepeace Avenue. The community centre is a designated Tenants and Residents Association Hall (TRA) which is funded by donations and fees for hall use. The Holly Lodge Management Committee run the Community Centre on behalf of the HLRA on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Committee is elected every year at an annual general meeting (AGM) held in the Holly Lodge Community Centre. The Committee welcomes new volunteers or committee members. If you are interested in being involved, please contact them at: hollylodgelondon@hotmail.com.

The community centre hosts a Monday lunch, as well as a range of classes and events that you can get involved in.

In 1992 Camden recognised the unique character of the Holly Lodge Estate (as the only garden suburb development in Camden) and designated it a Conservation Area. The HLE Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC) (which is entirely separate from the HLE Committee) meets to review planning applications, and assist Camden officers in implementing its Appraisal and Management Strategy.  Further details are available from the Secretary at conservation@hle.org.uk  New members are welcome.