More about the Community Centre


The Holly Lodge Community Centre is a formal TRA (Tenants and Residents Hall) which has an agreement with the Holly Lodge Community Centre (HLCC), a charity run by volunteers to serve the local community through the activities of the Centre.


The Centre is located at 30 Makepeace Avenue on the site which used to be the dining pavilion of the historic Holly Lodge Estate.


Classes and events

The Centre has a range of classes and events such as zumba, French conversation evenings, and craft, as well as a very well attended Monday lunch or lunch deliveries for Holly Lodge residents.


The Centre runs the Nursery on Oakeshott Avenue.

Pandemic volunteering work

Since the start of the pandemic the Centre has been directing its efforts into supporting the vulnerable on the Holly Lodge Estate working closely with the Holly Lodge Residents Association (HLRA), Holly Lodge Estate (HLE) and Highgate Newtown Community Centre (HNCC).  More details available on the Centre’s website.


Anyone who wants to volunteer to help out with the Centre, such as helping with activities and events, please use the Contact Us page on the Community Centre website to find out more.

A lot of the Centre’s events and activities are also published on Facebook and Twitter @HollyLodgeCC

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