Holly Lodge Art Exhibition April 2023

We are running another Art exhibition this year in the Holly Lodge Community Centre, on Makepeace Avenue, N6.

It will be in April, and we will be collecting artwork from March 1st until April 20th,

Dates:  Saturday 22nd April, Sunday 23rd April (& possibly Saturday 29th April) with an Opening evening on Friday 21st April

If you want to get involved & put some artwork in, email Josh Cedar at cedar.josh@yahoo.com

Wanted: Your Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Textiles, Sculpture, Ceramics, photo-montage, cartoons, installations… and any other category of artistic creations you have at home…

You can provide 2 pieces, and depending on the size & the amount of submissions, we will definitely exhibit one, and hopefully both.  If your artwork is quite large (over 70cm X 70cm) then please just choose 1 piece to submit, unless second is very small.

Artwork can be marked for sale or you can just exhibit.

Labels: You must provide a clearly written (preferably printed) label stating your name (and if applicable, name of the work and also the price, if you want to sell it) – or send us the exact wording for your label, so we can print it off.

The Community Centre won’t take any % commission on sales… but all donations are hugely appreciated, to cover costs of the exhibition (anything received above covering costs will go to the Community Centre)

All artists are invited to the opening evening on Friday 21st April.  Look forward to seeing you,

Josh (cedar.josh@yahoo.com)