Community Centre Art Project ’22

Calling all Holly Lodge artists!! We are asking you to provide us with a piece of artwork you have created so that we can exhibit it in the Community Centre this April at the Holly Lodge Art Exhibition.

You can be any age and any level of experience – from beginner upwards – and the artwork can be any medium which can be easily displayed, such as a painting, a drawing, pottery, or fabric.

There is a limitation on size, so ideally works are no bigger than A3 size (or if framed, can be slightly larger than that) – but anything from postage-stamp sized to about 40cm X 50cm is OK.

We’d like the artwork to be provided ready to be displayed as it is, framed or unframed etc (so if you do want to frame it or mount it on board etc…please do so first!)  Pictures which are framed or mounted need to have something on the back or side (ring or hook etc) to allow them to be hung on a wall.  Unframed / unmounted pictures can be attached with white tack or similar. Please Label your work, attaching your name & contact details so work can be labelled & returned afterwards!

Artwork can be dropped off any week at the Community Centre at 30 Makepeace Avenue on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 11am to 3pm, or at other times by contacting

The artwork can be something new, or it can be something that you have created already, and it should be submitted to us by Sunday April 3rd 2022.  If you are interested in taking part or you’d like more details, please contact Josh,

More information on the website: