Sorting out fire safety

On 9th October we organised a meeting in the Community Centre to discuss fire safety concerns with Camden Council. Over 40 people heard from Paul Leavey, Quality Assurance Team and responsible for fire safety; and Meric Apac, Cabinet Member for Housing; as well as contributions from two of our local councillors, Oliver Lewis and Sian Berry.

Grace Livingstone from the TRA presented the main points that had arisen in conversations with Camden since summer. People who came along strongly expressed their thoughts and priorities on what needed to be done, particularly about the need to keep the roof fire exits open, and to repair the walkways between blocks. You can read a summary of the meeting here.

We will be following up all the points raised and decided over the coming months, including a walk around the Estate with the fire brigade, as well as a meeting with Pellings, the company who will be reviewing fire safety on the Estate and suggesting related works.

York Stone pavements in garden

On 4th October, we sent a letter from the HLRA to the Grounds Maintenance Monitoring Officer, Victoria Whaley. The Committee was concerned that a heavy ‘ride-on’ mower was being used in the garden between Holly Lodge Mansions and Makepeace Avenue. This not only caused a lot of noise, and damage to trees, but was also damaging the period feature York Stone pavements. We asked that the use of the ‘ride-on’ mower was either stopped or ramps used to protect the paths.

Oakeshott Avenue Street Party

webstreet4We held a street party in July in memory of Jo Cox with the theme ‘we have more in common than that which divides us’.

We had a barbecue, drinks, music, arts and crafts for kids and a special visit from a fire-engine to cool us down on an especially hot day.

Special thanks go to Holly Lodge resident and HLRA Committee Member Alison David for organising the event.

Camden New Journal came along and included us in an article about all the similar parties happening around Camden.