Residents Gardening Sessions

The Holly Lodge Residents Association has launched resident’  gardening sessions.  These  are run by Camden’s gardener on Holly Lodge, Kat.

The sessions are every Saturday 11.30am and Wednesday 10.30am.  We meet by the pond in the middle garden between Makepeace and Holly Lodge Mansions.  Any resident is welcome to attend.

The gardening sessions have been working in the middle gardens between Makepeace and Holly Lodge Mansions, and around the polytunnel behind Holly Lodge Mansions.

These are supervised sessions and the Holly Lodge Residents Association cannot authorise any resident to do gardening at any other time or in any other location.

The gardening sessions will not do any work in residents’ front gardens.

We are also launching a new food growing project in the polytunnel and if you would like to be involved please email:

Clothes Swap Day

On November 10th 2018 we organised Holly Lodge’s first clothes swap event. Lots of residents brought along clothes and went home with others, new friends were formed and there were plans to organise a repair day for all those other clothes that we could mend or turn into something fabulous.

Huge thanks to Alison David and Shannon Francis for organising and for all the other volunteers for donating food (including Tesco’s), rails, time and fun.


HLRA AGM – 73 residents voted in a new committee for 2018/2019

On the 17th September, the HLRA held a very well attended AGM which voted in a new committee, discussed what had happened over 2017/18 as well as issues and activities for the next year. It was a joint AGM with the Holly Lodge Community Centre who also reported back on what they had been doing over the last year. All three of our ward Councillors – Oliver Lewis, Sian Berry, and Anna Wright – attended, as did Hugh Boatswain, the lead on Tenant Participation for Camden.

You can find the minutes and related reports on the Minutes page of this website. And you can also see a list of the new committee members.

Questionnaire results


Over 60 people responded to a questionnaire which was sent to all HLRA residents. That’s a 1 in 8 response rate. Thanks to everyone who filled the forms in online or by hand.

Here’s the full report of what you said.

And here are some of the headlines

What do you like best about living on Holly Lodge?

Top of the list at 62% – the greenery, semi rural feel and the gardens. About half like the quiet and calm; and a quarter the community and your neighbours.

What would you like to see improved?

The main area of concern is ground maintenance and gardens, then bins and recycling; repairs and contract management; followed by caretaking and car parking.

What would you like to see organised/get involved with?

The top three activities are: social events; a repair café; and clothes and item swaps. You are also interested in a business club, healthy eating events; first aid; gardening and computer training.

At the Community Centre, you’d like to see a film club, more exercise classes, art classes, a café and interest in the existing astronomy group.