Residents Gardening Sessions

The Holly Lodge Residents Association has launched resident’  gardening sessions.  These  are run by Camden’s gardener on Holly Lodge, Kat.

The sessions are every Saturday 11.30am and Wednesday 10.30am.  We meet by the pond in the middle garden between Makepeace and Holly Lodge Mansions.  Any resident is welcome to attend.

The gardening sessions have been working in the middle gardens between Makepeace and Holly Lodge Mansions, and around the polytunnel behind Holly Lodge Mansions.

These are supervised sessions and the Holly Lodge Residents Association cannot authorise any resident to do gardening at any other time or in any other location.

The gardening sessions will not do any work in residents’ front gardens.

We are also launching a new food growing project in the polytunnel and if you would like to be involved please email:

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