Helping improve bins and bike provision

Bike Storage

Camden Council is planning to build a number of new cycle storage racks on our Estate. You can see the proposed sites on this map. Locations highlighted in orange indicate existing provision with numbers that are circled indicating covered storage areas. Locations highlighted in pink are those which had been previously proposed but have been rejected because of impact on the character of the Conservation Area. Locations highlighted in green are those which are now seen as possible locations moving forward.

We asked you for information about whether you use a bike and would like to have bike storage (or if you do not have a bike but may get one if there was safe cycle storage.

We brought together all the comments that people sent through and had a walk around the proposed sites with Ivan Christmas on Friday March 16th. We will be working closely with Camden to see that the bike storage provision works for everyone and that there will be further consultation with residents.

Refuse bins and recycling provision

Our Estate Manager is keen to find out residents’ concerns and thoughts about the accessibility, location and effectiveness of bins and recycling on the Estate. (An example is whether or not you have difficulties with the small opening on the locked recycling bins). We gathered information from you and presented this to the Estate Manager in a walk around the Estate on the 15th March.

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