2nd Holly Lodge Great Get Together, July 7th

We had a fantastic street party on Makepeace Mansions. Thanks to everyone who helped organise the day, brought food, and contributed to a wonderful day.

Fire Safety

Thanks to everyone who wrote to our local councillors and the Cabinet Member for Housing about fire safety and particularly roof access and the safety of the walkways between blocks.

We received a positive response and will be organising a public meeting to provide further information and enable you to meet with and discuss developments with local councillors and council officers.

Bikes and Bins

And thanks also to everyone who sent in information about bikes and bins. We held two successful walk-arounds with Camden Council officers in March to present your views and discuss plans going forward.

Update on heating and hot water

As we are all aware, there have been ongoing problems with the communal supply of heating and hot water to flats in Makepeace Mansions and Holly Lodge Mansions.

Camden Council has presented a preferred option to the HLRA for resolving these issues, as part of a wider options appraisal setting out possible ways forward (this does not affect anyone in Langbourne Mansions).

The HLRA believes that the information used to assess the different options is incomplete, based in some instances on inappropriate assumptions, and therefore an inadequate basis on which to make any decision.

We have sent Camden Council a summary of our concerns, and asked for a rethink of options, one which takes residents needs properly into account, before any options are presented for a full public consultation.

You can also have a look at the minutes of our initial meeting with Camden in December 2017 (which includes a summary of the options), as well as the full Options Appraisal.

Please note that we do not yet have any additional information and therefore cannot at this stage answer individual questions about the proposals. 

The HLRA will use meetings and emails to create opportunities for constructive dialogue between residents, Camden Council Officers, and Councillors, with the aim of finding a solution that works for all residents.